Like all the people that work in post production, we are foremost artists and creators. But deep inside us we are geeks. And we love our toys. Powered by 2.880 CPUs and more than 522.000 cuda cores, our in-house render farm is a deer’s wet dream. It allows us to render files in speeds that other post houses can only dream off and it’s our secret weapon (well, maybe not so secret anymore).

We use Maya and 3DS Max by Autodesk, VRay by Chaos Group, Nuke by Foundry, and DaVinci Resolve by Black Magic Design. Plus every piece of new software we can lay our hooves on, since we are curious by nature and always eager to test new grounds.

We also use AI, (MidJourney and Stable Diffusion) to explore and visualize ideas and we have a dedicated team that constantly expands our knowledge and explores more ways to include in our workflow.