goodbye dvs – hello three deers

We grow, we evolve, we change. And the truth is that over the past years we grew a lot. Not only as individual artists but as a creative collective. We developed new skills, attracted new talent, traveled to new places, expanded in new markets. We are now physically present in Greece, South Africa and Southeast Asia while we also produce work for clients in Europe, the Middle East and the States.


So we felt like it was time for a change. For a big leap forward under a new identity that can house our expanded creative ambitions and capabilities, propel us to the future and position us in the worldwide market that we are now playing in.


So say goodbye to DVS Design and say hi to Three D33rs. A Greek-based, global studio of extremely talented creators, artists and tech wizards from all around the world, that dreams big and delivers even bigger. An unstoppable herd with an inner drive to create beautifully crafted work, push the boundaries of what is possible and roam the ever expanding landscape that our AI-powered industry now offers. With our hooves steady on the ground and our antlers reaching high into the sky.


Meet the herd at